Throwback Thursday

It’s Thursday! So a perfect excuse for a fashion throwback, and this week we are heading back to the 90’s. From double denim to dungarees, the decade blessed us with many fashion  faux pas & phenomenons, but nothing quite as fantastic as tartan being on point.

I have always adored a good plaid. Who knows if it’s my distant Scottish roots or the nostalgia of my first school uniform, a little red kilt (I will find a photo for everyones amusement), but to this day I’m still completely in love with the idea of it. There’s no better time of year than to pull off a cute tartan skirt (summer and spring you would only look silly, and winters a wee too nippy to have those pins out). Here’s some must haves I plan on snapping up.

Plaid fashion collage with numbers

Clueless” fashion

1. Scarf In Grey Tartan Check, £16, ASOS | 2. Tartan Asymmetric Zip Mini Skirt, £25, £12, River Island | 3. Mamie Boyfriend Tartan Shirt, £25, Missguided | 4. Plaid dress, £35, Mango | 5. Tartan Print Hair Bow, £6, ASOS | 6. Jill Tartan Tailored Blazer, £35, Missguided | 7. Tube Trousers in Tartan Check, £28, ASOS | 8. Checked wool mini skirt, £330, McQ Alexander McQueen (okay so it’s a tad pricey but it is SO cute. It can also be justified as an “investment” as tartan is timeless…right?)

P.s. As co-ords are back in why not go all out and match those checks up top to bottom. There’s no judging here.

For more inspiration check out the Pinterest board here.

Now where’s that Clueless DVD…


Let’s get cosy

So word on the street is that Autumn has arrived, I don’t wish to believe it myself. I feel like I only just pulled together a relatively stylish summer wardrobe (it only took four months). So with the weather changing drastically I’ve been frantically looking for some kind of inspiration for a warmer, more practical wardrobe and just like last year I go straight to the staple oversized jumper. In my book it’s something you can’t go wrong with- dress it up, dress it down, wear with trousers, or a cute skirt, accessorize or keep it simple. You’re still going to look fabulous and best of all feel super cosy. Me being boring old me, I always tend to play it safe, buy jumpers I can wear with the majority of jeans, trousers and skirts I already have knocking around and my knits range from different shades of grey, and then I stumbled upon this gorgeous look and my plain arsed knit world was turned upside down…


All wrapped up in mustard.

Mustard, it’s mustard! And as much as my mother detests the colour and I’ve somehow been brainwashed into believing the same but I LOVE IT! It’s a perfect autumnal colour, wear with a darker colour on the bottom half, a dash of red lipstick and you’re good to go [and be snug ]. Now for where you can get yours… Knit collage 1. £42 from Topshop | 2. £35.99 from Zara | And for those big spenders… Jumper 3. £455 from Gucci

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